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Test Preparation

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Gives students the expertise necessary to score higher on standardized tests, including the SAT and TOEFL, and further develops the skills from the Academic Foundation courses. A comprehensive test review system enables students to focus on different areas of difficulty by identifying their weaknesses and common patterns of error.

Whether you need brushing up on your Math, coaching to improve writing skills, or strategies for better reading comprehension, you will find what you need at Cornerstone. We help you assess your current level and areas of improvement. Based on your future ambitions, we help you set your target score.  Then you’ll acquire the skills and learn the tactics and strategies to make your way through to your goal. We translate your ambitions to measurable goals and chalk out the path to get there. With clearly defined goals and expert coaching, you can leave your worries and prepare for the SAT with solid confidence. Success is bound to come, when you choose to study at Cornerstone. 
Knowing English, Math, and being good at reading or writing is one thing; achieving the targeted score and getting into your dream school is another. And at such a crucial point in your career, you need experienced guidance in identifying how much you need to score and how to score in order to get into your desired school and start your career in the right direction. Get things right – join Cornerstone. 

So you want to take some SAT II Subject Tests! But which subjects should you take? What will help you if you want to go to an engineering college, or architect, or medical? There are twenty Subject Tests in subjects such as English, History, Science, Mathematics, and Languages. To find out answers and get insight, contact Cornerstone today. We’ll provide you with guidance from choosing subjects to assessing your level in each subject area, from providing a personalized study plan all the way to you getting the desired score. We have subject experts in all SAT subject test areas, who are not only some of the best coaches in their subjects, but also experts in SAT subject tests. Each subject test has its own structure, tricks, and traps. To get the target score, you need not only the subject knowledge, but also effective strategy and awareness to typical traps. 
To get the right start for your career, choose the right subjects, get the right coaching, and secure admission to the right college. Consult the SAT subject test experts at Cornerstone today. 

To get to a school in an English speaking country, you will need a good score on the iBT exam. An adequate score in TOEFL is also a prerequisite for getting a scholarship. To beat the TOEFL, you’ll need to master all four areas of English: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Get assessed in all four areas, take a test at Cornerstone today, and get insight into your level in all four areas and improvement needs. Enroll in one of our iBT TOEFL courses to get access to study material, personal attention, and engaging classroom activities to prepare for the test. 
You could either take a general course to practice all four areas of the test or take an intense course focused on one of the areas. With intense study and drills, comprehensive feedback on your performance, and guidance from native speaking English teachers, you are bound to excel in your test.