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GPA Management


GPA is considered as a strong indicator of a student’s aptitude towards different subjects, and it greatly affects what college, university, and which discipline of study he/she might get into. To get admission into a desired institute and in a desired discipline, two things really matter: the performance in standardized entrance tests and the overall GPA of the student.  And GPA is affected by a student’s score from 9th to 12th grade. Hence, it is important to keep in mind that your score in entrance tests may not be a guarantee of admission to your desired institute. You may need to manage your GPA right from the 9th grade onward. 
Consistently having a good GPA might not be an easy task. Math and English are most important subjects, but at the same time science, social studies, foreign languages, and even the electives that you choose have a considerable impact on your final GPA. At Cornerstone you can get guidance on what should be your target GPA based on your career aspiration. You can get your skills assessed, and find out which subjects or which areas of a particular subject you need to work harder to attain your desired GPA score. Cornerstone offers coaching classes in Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, and Social studies. The classes are smaller in size and teachers pay one-on-one attention for giving you the best support. You could even join these classes during summer holidays, giving you an edge when your school starts. During the school year, you could get guidance in homework, assignments, and reinforce subjects/topics you learned at school. You could also take practice tests to assess your skill level and develop confidence.
GPA classes for English and Writing Essays include studying contemporary and classic literature, reading variety of material, developing analytical skills, writing in a mature and literary style, better reading comprehension skills, and building diverse vocabulary. Whereas, GPA classes for other subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and Social Science include studying course-material from school or IB curriculum, students can make personalized study plans focusing on a particular subject, or even particular topics of a subject where they need extra help. 
You will get full guidance about what GPA score you should target to achieve your admission goal, what electives you should choose, what is the cut-off GPA for given discipline, and so on. Contact Cornerstone consultants today and plan for a better future from now!