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We limit most classes to 8 students for better personal attention. You could also hire a personal tutor for one-on-one coaching. We keep our class-sizes smaller to deliver good quality coaching and better results. If you want to study with a group of friends for test preparation, it may be possible if all group members have a similar level of skills and can keep up with the pace during the course. Please contact our office for further details.

You could refer to “Our Team” section of our website or you could call/visit our office to know more about profile of our instructors/coaches, such as their qualifications and experience. All our instructors have studied from reputed universities from English speaking countries and are native English speakers. They carry with them years of experience in teaching, coaching, and consulting. 

Yes we do offer customized study plans. We need to understand your goal first: is that improving GPA at school? Or getting higher score on standardized tests? Or as a part of admission strategy for a particular school. Based on your goal, we can recommend you a study plan for better results. For example, if you have difficulty in writing essays and having a hard time with calculus, we can offer you study plan for intense training in writing and calculus. However, we will need to assess your current skill level to give you solid recommendations. 

For college admissions we recommend you should start working on admission strategy for at least nine months in advance. However, in order to have enough time and a stress free atmosphere, you should think of starting it one year ahead. After analyzing your profile, there will be an action-plan for improving your profile. Improving some areas of your profile might take more than a few months. Besides, writing admission essay is also a considerable long process. It may require months of brainstorming, editing, drafting and so on. Also you may want to have enough time to prepare for tests, practice, and improvement of your score. 

No, we can’t. Anyone providing honest guidance and professional service would never guarantee admission. Firstly, each student comes with a different set of talents, limitations, and aspirations. Sometimes a student needs to improve a few things in his/her profile for better chances of admission. Some students’ profile may not be aligned at all with what they are targeting, whereas some students’ profile can get them higher than where they want to go. Our role is to help students clearly understand their profile, and their target school. Then depending upon the gap between the two, we will suggest an improvement plan. If the student is committed and circumstances give enough time to improve profile, the student will surely have a great chance of admission into the school. If the student commitment is very low and the gap is too big, he/she may not be able to enter the school.

Our role is to shed light on your circumstances and educate you on what are criteria for admission in a school, how far your profile can bring you, and what you can do to improve your profile to go further.  

No. We help you bring the best out of you. We help you write, but you have to write on your own. It’s just like athletic training, where you have to do all the hard work, but we as a coach will guide you and tell you what’s right and what’s not. You may have to write again and again, and there will be honest and harsh feedback on your writing. It may not be easy, but we are here to help you at each step. The essay that you will submit will be your own, whereas our role will be that of a facilitator.  

We offer GPA management service, but first we need to find out exact needs for your child. We will conduct a face-to-face interview, and your child may have to do some assessment tests to find out his/her strengths and weaknesses. After having interaction and looking at results of tests, we can recommend a study plan for your child. Depending upon the improvement need, your child could join some classes and study with a group or may need a special tutor. 

Yes. Although we welcome students from all backgrounds and all walks of life, we require level-testing in order to ensure the student has the basic abilities to make the learning effective. The level-test will also ensure students are placed in the appropriate level. We like working with students of different levels and help them bring the best out of them. For different students, success has different meanings. For some, admission into the top school is success; for some others, admission into an average school with a scholarship is fantastic. Feel free to contact our office anytime for admission related queries. 

Students of grade 6 and onward can join the Academic Foundation course. This course builds high level reading and writing skills in context of academic environment of universities and colleges. It is highly recommended that students start this course from 6th Grade. Students of higher grades can join higher level classes depending on their skill-level. 

Many parents are concerned about tracking progress of their kid. At Cornerstone we have a feedback system where teachers will give you regular updates on your child’s progress, class participation, areas of improvements, etc. Practice tests are held regularly and scores are made available to parents. You could also drop in at Cornerstone and have a face-to-face talk with the teachers to ask and know more about your child’s progress.