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Academic Class

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Higher educational institutes where English is the primary language of instruction requires a certain level of academic skills in reading and writing. Academic Foundation courses offered at Cornerstone aim at developing higher level skills in reading and writing in academic environment. These skills will develop confidence in students and help them perform better in various classroom activities at school (such as assignments, group discussions, presentations), tests, entrance exams, and in university life. Reading and Writing courses offered by us aim at developing various skills such as

These classes are divided into four levels and are suitable for students from any background or age, even for whom English is a secondary language. The courses are designed for more one-on-one interaction between students and teachers. A host of group and solo activities, along with exercises and continuous evaluation will prepare students for the rigorous demands of university level coursework. Younger students may start with “Core” level, whereas experienced students can join “Bridge”, “Leader”, or “Master” level depending on their current level of skills. Students will undergo assessment tests to determine their level of skills and then will be recommended appropriate courses.